A Worldwide Self-directed Residency

Hi! Welcome to my new blog: Artists in Isolation: A residency”. 

Most of us are facing a change of plans during these days. In my case, a self-directed residency in a little hob in the Majorcan countryside has been substituted by a self-isolation in a small flat in East London. 

It’s quite interesting to see how my self-isolation has been translated into this unexpected global self-isolation. During this time I will write regularly on this blog. I will speak about my thoughts and my practice during these weird times, but I’ll also add interviews and conversations about how other artists are coping in this situation.

March 24th (extract)                                                       

Yesterday evening Boris Johnson announced that from that moment on, leaving ones home would be banned. Except for essential shopping, one hour of exercise and going to work if deemed essential.

Today is Tuesday. Last Wednesday I packed my materials and tools from my studio, not knowing when I would be back. I watered the plants of my art project and covered them with plastic to keep the moisture and protect them from drying-off.  However I think that more time will have passed than I had anticipated until I will be allowed to come back. They will probably die, or not, who knows. Our Grad Show is going to be delayed until December. I have to start to get used to the idea that I’ll probably be spending the next few months in my flat. 

To be honest, I’m quite happy of not being allowed, officially, to leave the house because previously whenever I did leave home I was feeling so bad about it. Expecting the lockdown to happen soon, I had the desire to maximize every second left in freedom.  Like this is much better, and as the Spanish say says: “Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso”

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