I explore in my art the connection and disconnection with the natural world. Inspired by the sublime, the urban landscape of London has become my area of research. I'm a mixed-media artist and a painter without paint. 

I see the construction materials as the most significant disconnection between nature and myself; therefore I use them to make art about nature; I transform them into works which question the problems of our economy in relation to the environment. I use these materials again and again, trying to squeeze their possibilities and save them from obsolescence repeatedly. I also use natural-biodegradable materials ensuring that these works will never finish at a landfill and will continue the circle of life. 

I explore the passage of time and obsolescence of what was useful and no longer is; contrasting temporalities of living beings to the material world we have built around us.



Based between London and Mallorca


2016-2020 Fine Art (Hons) BA at The Art Academy, London


July 2024  Between the Thames Currents, The Stone Space, London.


2021 Breaching the Boundary, part of Estuary 2021 Associated Programme & Gravesham Estuary Fringe, online show.

2018 Untitled, Taylor & James Ltd, London


2023  UnCommon Grounds, Space Collective, The Koppel Project Station, London.

2023  Sinking my toes, Calcio Studios, London.

2022  Remnants and the Breached Boundary, Blake Gallery, Gravesend.   

2022  Spaces, Places and the Everyday, Group Show, The Crypt Gallery, London

2021  12 Voices, Studio Weil, Mallorca

2021  Health & Climate & Ecological Emergency, UCLH NHS Fundation Trust, London.

2021  Riparian, Proposition Studios Gallery.

2021 Facade, The Holy Art, London

2020 Art Academy London Graduate Show, Former Newington Library, London

2020 Art Jove 2020, Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca.

2020 NOT The Grad Show, Online Exhibition.

2019 Untitled, Former Newington Library, London.

2019 Culture Shock, Cookhouse Gallery, London.

2019 JoanArt 2019, Calvià Council, Mallorca.

2019 Art Academy Graduated Show,  Haywards Heath.

2018 Configuration, The Old Newington Library, London.

2018 Decke, Brondo Architect Hotel, Majorca.

2016 Sóller Nit de L'Art, Mallorca.


2021 Finalist at Weil Art Exchange, Mallorca.

2020 Art Jove 2020, Palma de Mallorca.

2020 Semi-finalist at LSM Art Awards, London

2017 Runner up in Peers Prize at The Art Academy, London.


UnCommon Grounds, Salon Exit, May 2023. Link here

Works of Renewal Inspired by Complex, Divided Urban Landscapes: With Mercedes Balle, FAYD Digital, November 2021.

Thames Walls, Salon Exit, October 2021. Link here.


Kite String cover image, Poetry Magazine Hackney, Wordspace and The Guitar Social, 2023.

The Great Get Together Festival Mural, Bankside Open Trust, London, 2019.

CEIP Bendinat School Mural, with Maitak, Mallorca, 2018.


2020 Artist in Isolation: A Residency, self directed residency. Link here.

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